Teacher Care Campaign


你可能还记得立博中文版 Teach-A-Thon. 3000多名商界人士发现教书难. And now with COVID, 教师们为帮助孩子们取得成功所做的工作是以前的两倍!

Today, 在大流行的这个阶段, our teachers are simultaneously teaching two groups of students – half who are in the physical classroom and half who are learning from home. Plus, teachers are coping with the constant uncertainty of quarantines as students become sick.

我们请求你和我们一起支持立博中文版老师. You can be an integral part of our Teacher Care Campaign by signing-up to be a Teacher Champion. 教师冠军的筹款活动从现在开始一直到2021年情人节. 

我们将通过Zoom举办一场教师关爱运动激励活动 2021年1月28日下午5点至6点! 缩放链接或更多信息, 请联系Christy Jacomino,电话:786-714-0139或cjacomino@midastrade.net


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